Checking Blood Pressure

Personal Support Worker





Full time

Field Placement 

310 Hours

Credential Awarded

Ontario College Certificate


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About the Program 

The Personal Support Work field will continue to grow as Canada’s population ages. The program enables the graduates to work in hospitals, nursing homes, other long term care and community-based facilities and private homes. If you like helping others the Personal Support Worker role in today’s health care may be the answer to your career search.

Reasons for Demand

  • Technological advanced in the Health Care sector

  • Aging population in Canada

  • Growing interest in preventive healthcare

  • Higher life expectancy


  • PSW Foundations

  • Safety and Mobility

  • Body Systems

  • Assisting with Personal Hygiene

  • Abuse and Neglect

  • Household Management, Nutrition and Hydration

  • Care Planning / Restorative Care / Documentation / Working in the Community

  • Assisting the Family, Growth and Development

  • Assisting the Dying Person

  • Assisting with Medications

  • Cognitive and Mental Health

  • Health Conditions

  • CPR Frist Aid Training


As a graduate of this program, you may pursue future career options, such as:

  • Personal Support Worker (PSW)

  • Residential Support Worker

  • Personal Aides Live-in Caregiver

  • Personal Care Attendant

  • Child Care and Personal Support Worker