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Our College

Here at Canadian Business Skills College of Technology, we offer our students a comprehensive learning environment, filled with academic support and educational services. Ever since we got our start in 1996, Canadian Business Skills College of Technology has been instilling knowledge in students from all over. Our faculty will go the extra mile to give our students the tools needed to grow and succeed.

At Canadian Business Skills College of Technology, we believe that our campus is an important part of the Markham community. We strive for excellence by offering an engaging curriculum as well as numerous outreach opportunities. 


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Principal’s message

John Williams

One thing that is assured in everyday life is that change is inevitable and how we face it, confront it, resist it or run with it defines us as a person. The inevitable nature of change forces a prudent person to embrace it and prepare for it in any way possible.

For many the choice of a Private Career College has been thrust upon them due to some major change, or new chapter in their life. Whether it has been a loss of a job, returning to the workforce after a long absence or a newcomer to Canada the new student understands the importance of changing their skills to take advantage of the new opportunities in the workforce.

As a school we take the responsibility of guiding you through the change in your life very seriously. From the initial consultation, where we learn about your goals and plans, through to your training and your job search, we will work alongside you to be your change agent and advocate.

Canadian Business Skills College embraces change as well. Our new location in Markham in modern facilities demonstrates our commitment to the future and we are not stopping there. Developing new opportunities for our graduating students in even higher levels of college and University throughout Ontario

We may have been founded in 1996 but with our new facilities and staff we are ‘green and growing’ and looking forward to the changes that will make us all better into the future.

Come to our school and enjoy the friends, challenges and accomplishments that will no doubt be a part of the change that you will see in you, and the change in your future.

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