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Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Early Childcare Assistant

Early Childcare Assistant: Classes




Full time

Field Placement 

490 Hours

Credential Awarded

Ontario College Diploma

Early Childcare Assistant: List

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About the Program 

Early Childcare Assistants (ECA’s) provide opportunities to enhance children’s self-esteem during daily activities and encourage socialization of children as they play and experience things together. ECA’s plan and assist with meal times, supervise children during indoor and outdoor play, and during rest periods. They lead children in activities by telling stories, teaching songs, preparing craft material, preparing and serving snacks, guiding and assisting children in the development of proper eating and dressing


  • Friendly, Outgoing, Playful                               

  • A Good Communicator                                     

  • Interested in solving problems

  • Flexible and adaptable

  • Enjoy variety and multi-tasking        

  • Patient                    


  • Introduction to Early Child Care and Education    

  • Roles and Responsibilities    

  • Child, Family and Community

  • Introduction to Child Development

  • Introduction to Prenatal and Infant Development

  • Introduction to Toddler Development

  • Introduction to Preschool Development

  • Observation Skills

  • Guiding Children

  • Curriculum Planning

  • Written Communication Skills

  • Health and Safety

  • Nutrition                                     

  • CPR Frist Aid Training


As a graduate of this program, you may pursue future career options, such as:

  • Assistant Teachers in child care centers and nursery schools, or as family-home child care providers.

  • Child Care Assistant Child Care Worker

  • Daycare Early Childhood Educator Assistant

  • Day Care Worker

  • Baby Care Worker

  • Infant Day Care Worker

  • Nursery School Helper

  • Preschool Helper

Early Childcare Assistant: Classes
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